My full-time job is in the computer industry producing and configuring software for businesses.  This is a far cry from messing with cars.   I have been interested in fixing cars since I was old enough to pass my dad a 9/16 ring and grew up with an interest in anything with an engine.  Cars, bikes, go-carts, boats, buggies and even lawn mowers.  My passion and hobby is really with modifications and invention.  So I guess this is how I came to be involved with producing items that are no longer available for purchase.  Helping is what I always try to do.


My “day-job” is running an architectural business. Domestic and commercial, design, drawings, planning applications – the lot!

Using Autocad on a day-to-day basis has proved invaluable whilst developing the doughnut adaptor. Not only are the drawings a million miles away for being “back of a fag packet” quality, they are highly accurate, meaning the guys in the workshop are very happy with the information they get from us!

Cars and music are my passions with a huge soft spot for the Cosworths. Being a part of developing a product that’ll keep more of these magnificent machines on the road has been a real joy. To see something you’ve designed, had manufactured and operating exactly as it should on a car fills me with a huge sense of pride. I must give a massive thanks to Pete for contacting me that fateful day, suggesting we remedy this common problem!